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In years past one of the difficult things to do was to get your music played on radio as a indie artist.
Since not only being played on some local stations, being heard on stations that reach a national audience was impossible, unless you were a major artist signed with a major record label.
When the inrenet came available, it made it possible for companies such as Live 365, Rado,co, Shoutcast Sam Broadcaster, and others to create and/or host stations that came be stream worldwide on computers with internet access.
The great thing about those services is that they supply the software that make it easy for operation.
As a resouce artists can sumbit their music to some internet station such as ours that will most likely play their music to a larger audience.
The best thing about that is artists with coppyright music can get credit on stations that will supply a mini-cast license as the service that live 365.com does.
If you have a talk show that don't play copyright content, you can use other compahies as well.
We have used Live 365 for years becuase of playing copyright nusic, as well as the factthat they are alway coming up with ways improve their service to provide better service for their sttations
To date there a many way to statrt and maintain an internet station at a cost that is affordable. That includes less costly gear that is needed to operate it.
As an independent artist , producer, label, internet radio have been a great way to promote my music as well as other indie artist.
Of course we so play major artist as well, becuase we feel that black gospel music is still alive and well.

The Power of Internet Radio

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