About Us

Greetings my name is Joseph L. Smith the founder & program director of Joglen Gospel Internet Radio. I am producer, artist,singer, songwriter, musician, recording enigeer , & internet radio personality.

As an independent artist who for years as many other artists like my self found it hard to get my music played on major and some local radio stations, so I decided to start Joglen Gospel Radio to not only play my music, but that of other indie artists.

As time when on I also added the music of major artists to my playlists.
We feature traditional and contemporay music by quartet, choirs and solo artists.

When Live 365 came on the screen some year agao, Start my station and have been streaming gospel music to the world.
Not only playing the music, but I have done interviews with the artists, producers, amd media of the gospel music industry.

As a minister of the gospel I then added spoken ministries to the station. Streaming the sermons of not only my ministry, but that of serval churches thyat I beleive to be spreading the true gospel.

Joglen Gospel Radio is a division of Joiglen Productions, an independently owned and operated multimedia Source founded by yours truly and my wife and parnter Glinda A. Smith.
We continue to strive to be a blessing to our listeners 24/7 on this station.